Welcome to 3Brew.Com, home of ‘Taking Chances : An RV Revolution’ and 3Brew Entertainment.

Times have certainly changed!  We have decided to put our continued travels on hold.  The blasted pandemic has forced us to once again set up roots in a sticks and bricks home for the next while.  We are now located in a wonderful village just north on Moncton, New Brunswick.  Enjoying a small home on just a bit of land in the country side.  We will stay, enjoying the peace and quiet, growing our own vegetables etc until this world gets back to a sound reality!! (May take a while)

In the meantime, check out on the right some of what has been keeping us (well, me) busy while we are here or start your search : Where Would You Like To Go Next?

Don’t forget to bookmark our page and come back often, you never know when the travelling will begin again! Any updates to our situation and latest new will be found here. Till then, stay safe everyone!

3 Brew is an entertainment site started in 1998 for the purpose of showcasing our creations and showcasing our travels around North America.

Our plan as of January 2023 is simple. We are going to stay put at our home in New Brunswick and work on a Class C motorhome as opposed to pulling the fifth wheel trailer around. With our home base in NB we can take off and travel again at will and still have a place to come back to. During this summer we are going to finish up the reno’s on the house, build a great garden for vegetables and start planning where we are going to go next!!

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