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Taking Chances OUR  RV  REVOLUTION

Taking Chances : An RV Revolution

Colleen & Kevin Norris

Peterborough Ontario


Living dreams. Colleen & Kevin On The Road Taking Chances : An RV Revolution
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Our  interactive  maps

Our Intended Route Map

You can zoom in and out.  The red marker indicates our current position.  The brown marker indicates where we have been and the orange marker indicates where we are headed.  The blue line is our intended path though we do not know what will come up or where we will stop along the way!!  

You can click on the different points to see what and where they are and also the history on that point and in some cases some images of that point.

Don’t forget to check out our other interactive map to read the reviews we have given.

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Our Interactive Map

See where we have visited, where we have stayed and read the reviews we have given them.  You can zoom in and out , drag to locations etc. Each point of interest we have included and few words from us and a link to the full review on our site.  Red will indicate our current position.  Click on each point and see what others say about the place as well along with pictures from others around the net.