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Taking Chances OUR  RV  REVOLUTION

Taking Chances : An RV Revolution

Colleen & Kevin Norris

Peterborough Ontario


Living dreams. Colleen & Kevin On The Road Taking Chances : An RV Revolution
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Colleen & Kevin Take On North America


We are a couple of simple people who have worked hard their entire lives so far with the only results being car payments, mortgage and so on.  It never seems to end.  Who are we working for was the final question we came up with together??  We just bought our first RV in spring 2016 and came to the realization that we love the lifestyle.  After doing a lot of searching and investigating we have realized that it is more than possible to do this but very attainable!  

Then comes the fun!  We can’t just afford to drive around the rest of our lives (Though that would be nice)  so our plan is to join the many thousands of others and find workamping jobs in the summer somewhere in Canada then during the off season find a suitable location in the U.S. To volunteer for the winter at a state park.

The both of us will also be writing full time blogs on our journey  and keeping up a facebook page and twitter account for the site. (Colleen will do that as I have never twitted yet!)  You will see the odd ad on our site as well, I apologize now for that but we are hoping that this too will help offset our bruised income.

I also have been a stock photographer for some time (on the side) and have been working on a site area where I will sell the images as royalty free images for magazines, web sites etc.  You can find the links below to all of our different areas.

We hope you join us on our journey wherever it takes us.  Feel free to contact us with any suggestion for improvement.  If you are from a park our site and are looking for workampers, please feel free to contact us and we can send you our resume.  Let the journey begin!

I,Kevin am also a novice web and graphic designer.  I have done a few local sites and created graphics and forms for a few business’s locally.  I am hoping to use that skill while on the road as well.  I have created and will continue to update and improve this site.  If anyone needs help or some graphics created for your blog or site, feel free to contact me.

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This site is owned and operated by Colleen and Kevin Norris.  We take every effort to keep this site current and aesthetically pleasing.  Don’t hesitate to contact us if you see something that doesn’t look quite right to you.  This site is intended as a journal of our new life direction with the hopes that many in our new lifestyle community will follow, see how we fair and maybe even throw us some tips etc. We hope you enjoy your visit to this site and come back.


Looking for Workampers or Park Volunteer’s?  We are always actively looking for our next adventure and can help you.  Just click here now and head over to our resume, we would love to hear from you.

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