Colleen & Kevin take on North America!

This is a story of a husband and wife in their early 50’s who have decided to join a growing revolution.  Sell everything, buy an RV, leave and visit your country.

Our plan is simple once we are on the road.  We intend to work camp throughout Canada during the summer and find a nice area in the United States to visit and volunteer throughout Canada’s winter season.

We invite all to follow  our journey.  We intend to review every location we end up in, blog our way through North America and start our You Tube channel with weekly episodes of our journey called Taking Chances, An RV Revolution.  We look forward to hearing from you and seeing your comments on our blogs and channel.

As of July 2017 we are close to the full time goal, check out our progress to attaining the goal HERE

Check out our interactive map, see where we have been and read the reviews.

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Follow our journey across the country and the whole of North America wherever we go.  See our latest video’s and our latest reviews.

Colleen & Kevin Norris

Peterborough, Ontario




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Taking Chances : An RV Revolution